About us and sittsame-kleidung.de

We are happy that you found our webshop. Sittsame-kleidung.de is a tiny shop for modest clothing. Our goal is clothing that is female and covers the body.

Sittsame-kleidung.de is managed by us as a family. We want to make modest clothing available in Germany, United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands and also the rest of Europe. The woman who wishes to dress herself modest and also beautiful should have the possibility.

At the moment we adress with our range of clothing women and girls who want to choose modest clothing. We try to extend our range of products step by step. Actual we have a few long skirts and modest swimwear. Our shells are of particular importance to us because you can make nearly every top appear modest with them.

There are quite a few reasons to choose a female style less revealing. Whatever are your motives: we are happy that you found our clothes shop and hope that you find something that suits you.

Our onlineshop for modest clothing exists already 4 years and we are happy that we could help already quite a few customers with our clothes.

Just try us, too!


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